Books are garbage

'llo. One f*cking herbal tea, I'm going to need it.

~ *A nose peeks out between two facepalmed hands framed by long untended hairs*


The low-tech lefty ecologists made a book.

Oh, they don't know what ecology means, they actually meant environmentalism.

The book is on how we should *right now* go back to before. Like when it was better. They don't know when that was, so they won't give a date obviously.

Books are an absolute garbage media. The worst that is available today. See those banned books? It's a problem, books are still allowed.

Yeaaah, y'know, they did that because it's low tech

No it's not.

It's a pure industrial revolution product. Nobody had books before, except like one guy. That guy had slaves. They always forget about the slaves when they ask to go back to the Before.

If "low tech" means super fast transportation, mass produced ink, paper, and printers, sure.

Yeaaah, but the smell of paper

"but the sound of thermal engines"

This is pure consumerism and I just can't believe how many anti-consumerist people like it.

These bookshelves of collection that will never be used. Do I need to say the word?

Shred these things and make toilet paper with it. Will be much more useful. I repeat, they *will not* be read again, and you know it.

You can't do that, it's a symbol

So yeah, I'm annoyed because the guys that are calling themselves progressives are conservationists.

I shall never cease to be annoyed.


Some facts might be slightly off. They are not off enough.