dogs don't actually have 4 hp

sound of distant cars ruining a silent night
Knowing that somewhere under the sea exists an animal that uses his body as a net for catching preys is weirdly appeasing
dogs don't actually have 4 hp

I think the 4 here is because of the 4 legs.

Last night I retained some self awareness as I was slowly falling asleep. I could introspect myself drifting into the concept soup that, maybe, is making up dreams. So I took notes of what caught my attention.

The first note is sane. I do hate the sound of distant cars when there could be nothing instead.

The second is weird already, but I can understand how it can be soothing to see the world being vast beyond my imagination.

The dogs thing? I was really close to sleep here. I remember laughing at myself, but I still kind of feel like I can understand it.

I think there's something in this to be understood about how numerology works. Maybe some people *feel* that same connection that I made even while they're awake.

my cat meowed my dad out of existance

That last note was this morning

I was in my bed, laughing with my dad standing in my room. I heard the cat clawing at the window, I took a bit of time to understand what I heard, then my dad headed for the window to open it. As he was reaching for the handle, the cat meowed, and my dad vanished.

My cat wouldn't meow while someone is reaching for the handle. That pushed my brain to reevaluate the situation, and clear the hallucination.

I looked at the cat. Took this note. She meowed again. I stood up and opened the window.

I was *seeing* him. I was half asleep, I know that whatever you perceive during that time isn't reliable, but I remember his laugh vividly.

I'll keep noting my near-sleep hallucinations. I don't know how I could get knowledge out of my notes, but I still find them fascinating.


PS : my dad is going fine, don't start thinking I'm seeing him because I'm sad or something. He's watching a movie in their room as I write this. Hallucinations often just pick things at random.