Doing alright

Hey. I'm getting quieter as I don't feel the need to write to calm myself.

As I'm getting busy, too. Not very busy, but busy enough that I actually go to sleep at normal hours.

I guess I should keep the habit going. It really did help.

I realized that these posts were appearing in smolpub's timeline. I don't know how I feel about that. I'm writing for no one to hear me, but I can't do it if no one can hear me. I don't see anything harmful in that for now. I'll keep it going. I'm not self-coherent, nobody is.

I wonder how I'll feel about this in a few years, when I'll inevitably look back in self hate. I know I'm going to be a garbage person around here, at least at some point. He'll know he knew. I don't know if he'll care. Self hate feels so much more visceral than other-hate. Maybe because I never really hated someone else.

So yeah, I'm just going alright. I hope you're doing well too, dear variable unkown sentient.

Must be boring being the unknown, just an infinitely vast entity dotted with the tiniest holes of known dug by ephemeral civilisations. Like watching a few snowflakes falling on a hot pan. Technically it's making the pan colder. But let's be real, if the pan knew, it would just stare at it for hours.