Here's a list of cool games I can think of. Nothing impressive if you know your way around indie games, but may be worth a look if you don't.

Categories aren't perfect. Deal with it.


I'm not very aware of the indie scene down there. I'm sure people are doing much more cooler things, but here's what I have.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon

A roguelike. And by that I mean it *like* *rogue*. Not just "it has randomly generated levels".

Open source, doesn't accept merge requests.


Conveyor-belt automation with basic RTS pressure.

Open source

Magic Survival

Vampire Survivor clone. Poorly translated, but overall good and add-free(ish).


Plants VS Zombies clone in The Binding of Isaac's universe.

Card Thief

Card game. Worth a few plays, but the paywalls are real.


I'm playing on Fedora with Proton-GE. Games mentionned here should work on similar setups.


I know. But.

This game is good, really good. People just tend to drain too much effort into it. It has everything I want an action game to have: from ninja-pirate robots stealing the moon to steampunk labs attacked by rocks with legs, cool movement, cool weapons.

You just need to look at the drop rates, look at your enjoyment, and to not farm when it's too much. Consider it paid content. Necramechs for example are paid content, do not try to farm it, you will hate it.

The game is technically free, but you'll need some farming and trading. I advise grabbing about 20€ of in-game currency on promo, and spending it as you need on inventory slots or a necramech.


Slow VSfighter with custom movesets. I really like the graphics.

Sadly abandonned by Sloclap, who moved on to make Sifu. Sifu is cool too, but not the same kind of cool.

Still has a small, steady playerbase... Which I can't join because the devs need to enable Linux compatibilité on EAC :c

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Jet Set Radio Amsterdam.

- Has notably cool music.

Risk of Rain

5 levels, difficulty increases with time, items make you stronger. Find items, find the teleporter to the next level, get stronger faster than difficulty increases. Exists in 2D and 3D flavors.

I kinda prefer the 2, it has a sense of wonder you don't get in 2D.

- Has notably cool music.


Have you ever played one these browser games where you have "physical" pixels that interact with each other, and you mostly just make them burn or grow plants?

Someone made a huge map of that, added monsters, added a programmable spell system.

It makes for a very hard game, full of secrets and bigger than it looks.


Sci-fi space colony management. Similar to Dwarf Fortress, with an accent on generating a story. Everything is randomly generated in a way that could be a good narrative. Not always nice with your feelings. I think this game changed me, and I can't really explain why I like looking at it playing itself so much.

- Has notably cool music

AER – Memories of Old

A small bird flight game. Not much to it. Pleasant to play and often available for less than 2€.


This one is about discovering it, I can't pitch it without ruining it. But it's real good.

Has body-horror moments.

Death's Door

A modern zelda-like adventure game for children

This is nice. We need more games for children that are actually good.

Hellblade - Senua's Sacrifice

About schizophrenia in viking era.

I was about to add a content warning, but I can't decide which. It's harsh in every possible ways.

In Sound Mind

Horror-themed game of a psychologist living his patient's recording (with added monsters). Not actually scary, nothing shocking and all. Just a dark aesthetic and cool ideas.


This thing is technically a sport game? I love it. It has sentimental importance for me, and I can't really explain why.

- Has notably cool music

Solar Ash

3D platform, inline skating on clouds and titans at the edge of a blackhole.


Kung fu movie but game, and it's *really* well done