Golden Lotus

| Golden Lotus                                       |
| =====================================············· |
| The golden lotus is a mystical plant that can only |
| be conjured by a powerful wand of regrowth. Its    |
| aura enhances all plants and  plants effects, but  |
| it burns through its energy and dies after a short |
| time.                                              |
|                                                    |
| This lotus was produced by a +5 wand of regrowth.  |
| All plants in its effect will instantly trigger if |
| they are planted on a character. Plants will also  |
| have a 60% chance to drop their seed, and tipped   |
| darts will use 60% less durability                 |

This is so cool.

Hah. I'm gonna make a very bad title for this one.


I just wanted to show you this. This is what a good roguelike looks. None of that "choose your reward" BS, all of that "your super niche case changes the rules of the game" BS.

If you wonder how I got there, I was sleepy and misclicked when imbuing a wand.

For now, I don't recommand it though. Maybe at some point it will reach 100% redrop chance, then I can use it as a "any seed effect" wand?

It only spawns when the wand is at full capacity though.

But hey, maybe I can use it to "harvest" a wild starseed.