I tried Mastodon

I tried Mastodon. Well it's garbage. I mean I don't know what I expected, these people were using Twitter before.

Basically it's people spreading hate at different people while making sure no one can hate very similar people.

It's always amazing to see communities composed of precisely one type of person claiming to be fighting for diversity. It's clearly not working, maybe change something at some point? How long have this been running? Oh.

There's a bit of stuff I might be interested in, but that stuff is always posted by near inactive accounts.

It's not really a desert. There's a lot of people talking. Just not talking at other persons, talking at the Hive. Saying things that will please it, a pure socializing reflex taken out of it's original purpose. The Hive doesn't listen though - why would it, there is nothing to be said. Sometimes a signal pierces through, a keyword is heard and repeated, then nothing. Nothing changes, nothing is done - there is nothing to be done.

Lemmy looks like a better place. People are talking to each other, which just doesn't happen on Mastodon. The upvote/downvote system is good. I'll consider making an account.