I can't sleep

Let me get some music before anything


And plug that laptop in

Now, today was a neat day. I worked on things that pay, worked on things I care about, and played a few hours. Ate once.

But it's 5am. I went to bed at midnight, am tired, can't sleep.

While playing I listened to a thing about circumcision, as one does, and it turns out it can get quite bad.

This gave me things to be angry about, which doesn't help with sleeping.

This world is stupid sometimes. The worst is that different civilisations seems to have developed this BS independently. The Wikipedia page is neat (the french one at least), just be warned: they show things with photos.

How many people did they kill before finding a good tech? Like, babies are dying from it today┬╣, what was it the first times? I'm talking before someone added it to a religious text. If they added it, it's because they knew it would be reliable enough (right?). Who found that out???

Actually I guess they found out while trying to fix phimosis.

Anyways, another thing to add on mount stupid. Sometimes I consider making a site to list stupid sentences.

Cutting a bit off of babies dicks has health benefits, *and* just so happens to be mandatory in my religion
France should do like America because my cousin who was rich went there and now he's richer.
Oxygenating your cells has anti-oxidant effects, which prevents aging
So, we put a chunk of rotten duck heart in water, but like *a lot* of water...

Open to suggestions.


Still not sleeping. No longer tired somehow. I wonder if the caffeine in black tea is weighing in. I mean I drank it 7hours ago, should be gone now?

I should be more hungry, and more tired.


Hey, I'm kinda hyped about NVK

If it works well I could go back to Debian. Fedora is nice but I like Debian's update schedule better.


Sometimes I wonder if learning is what prevents me from sleeping, because these insomnias always happen after learning about lots of things.


Usually I can't sleep because I'm thinking about something.

Here I don't even know what to think about.

I should probably think about getting my own home.

I don't have much to think about it. It's pricey but I can afford it. I don't know where to go. I don't know if the price is worth.

I don't even know how to know where to go. What are the criteria for a good place to live.

I would rather avoid using a car, but don't want too many people around. Oh, and I actually need silence when I'm depressed, or it all just goes wild.


This isn't helping me sleep.


I'm not in a comfortable posture to write here.


I wonder how much cultural similarities there are in misconceptions about mental health.


I wonder how many mugs people have on average

I might be getting into sleepy thoughts territory

For families, do you just count average mugs, or do you weigh by mug usage?

... this wouldn't change anything, I'm averaging anyways

How many mugs does a room contain on average

That's a good one. Because there are a lot of rooms, and nobody will agree on edge cases.

It's not a f*cking corridor, there's a sink in it!

I'm sure someone said that once. In India or something. I'm not quite sure why India, I think I just like the accent in that situation.


1. tips: Always operate when people have the least amount of blood to spare. Oh, and don't check if they have haemophilia before, just to be sure. You also want to avoid those fancy hospitals. Their anaesthesia might attenuate the pain, and they have stuff to keep people alive. Go for the traditional way instead.