Leftover ham

I had some leftover ham.

(that's how all stories should start)

So I shoved it between two bread slices with some cheese, and heated that up. Y'know, pretending I care about myself and won't just eat raw slices of pink industrial ham for dinner.

The bread, apparently, was not expecting to be cooked. I think it's because the decorative flour burnt or something. It tasted strong. Bread usually won't taste like that, even "traditional" breads go for a light taste. This is kind of how I imagine old bread tasted like, before everyone started going around with humidity sensors and thermometers. People just trying to make a flour paste taste better.

It's actually amazing that heating up grinded cereals and water makes them any good.

Heating things up makes them better. It's a reoccuring problem. Not everything, but way too many things. And it rarely gets toxic.

I don't know much about organic chemistry (nor chemistry), but I do know that heat makes a whole lot of reactions happen. There's no "make better for hooman" reaction. The reactions should be, like, uncorrelated with what you want.

I'm pretty sure I've heard ElectroBoom say you shouldn't electrolyse food or you'll get random garbage stuff. Why is the set of reaction from heating good, when the set of reaction from electrolysis is bad. Both of them are fully unrelated to humans or living stuff in general.

Some of the reactions in a living organism are temperature-dependant, but it's like in a 10C° range, not "heat up to 180C°"

There's something that makes heating up good, and I don't know what.

I know it messes up toxins and bacteria. What makes toxins and bacteria different that nutrients?

Is it a difference in stability? Did we evolve to resist all stable bad things, so all that is left to harm us is unstable things?

It's not even just "always good", it's good until it's too much. Like there's a specific category of reactions, and when they run out you actually get the "mostly random garbage" result THAT YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE HAD IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I don't know what's going on there. Are we just lucky?


Burn your food and let it finally rest in it's rightful, logical, state