Licenses guarantees

I was listening to this guy in background

The Linux Experiment (foss news)

He mentioned a problem with licenses not being enough to guarantee open-source. I guess this is kind of expected, laws always have holes and never actually *prevent* things. I'm not sure that you can really fix human dishonesty with a license. Should still try though.

...and I just realized how true "everything a company has goes wrong" was. I actually can't think of a large project "owned" by a company that behaves anything like an open-source community.

VSCode maybe? I don't use it idk.

Is the company form so efficient that it's worth sacrificing the project's ideal to get a result? I actually don't know how much of a difference it makes.

Not that community-led projects can't f*ck things up. I'm a Gnome user, I'm *aware*. It just doesn't seem nearly as bad and prolonged.

The good part is that partial open source still works, every of these projects have more open-ethics-aligned forks.


I've written "Guarantee" too much times and I don't know what it *truly* means.