Monkeys and typewriters

A monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type every single spell there is.

This is a security problem. If you try to extract Hamlet out of here, you'll need to be careful not to read an unknown spell. That unknown spell is probably going to be garbage. "Summon 10ml of snail mucus". But that snail mucus might have an "enchantment of earthquake on contact with a door knob".

Traditional security would fail here. There's just too much variation. Therefore I propose factorial security as a mitigation, and philosophical security as a last resort.

It all comes down to a simple thing : creating the stupidest thing that can read. Any damage caused by a spell will always be multiplied with the reader's intelligence.

Many well established companies have been developing this field, and are getting encouraging results.

Examination of subtle variations in the environment of the reader presents a new opportunity for research. To ensure maximum innovation, cubes of "observation space" around the reader may be rented to the highest bidder, in the form of coordinates attached to blockchain tokens.

Now, even with that mitigation, there are still issues.

* Even summoning a single copy and scroll-reader would be a problem if the reader's intelligence accidentally exceeds 1.

That's where the philosophical security comes in.

Both of these issues are perfectly fine. An observer cannot perceive them, therefore they don't exist.

However, the find of Hamlet in the text would make at least *one* nerd happy, making the system an always-win.

The only bad outcome is if the nerd is disappointed by the lack of findings, meaning that once the reading starts, it should not stop until the nerd is satisfied.


OK I'm out. This is dumb, and wayyy too time consuming.

I just realized I was basically doing BAHFest but bad.

Thanks for reading I guess? You're weird.