Motivation 3/...

It's not even hard, I did the exact same thing in an evening when I started the project.

I did nothing today. Added 10 lines in 4 hours. I know exactly what to do, just didn't press the keys.

And I'm not happy about these 10 lines. They're poorly patched in, should delete them and remake.

One thing that I do differently now is that I don't work at night. Maybe that's an error, and I should work at night despite everyone pushing me not to.

It was impossible when I started, now I have a clear path to finish everything up and I'm not doing it.

Maybe because I don't like the final product. I actually don't like what I have on my hands right now. I can polish it to some degree, but there are limitations beyond my competency that will make it flawed.

Also I got significantly better. I can see the mistakes I made when starting the project, and I know that if I made the same code today I would be unhappy about it. Making code that makes me satisfied became much harder.

I don't remember the last time I did something "final" and not "it's bad but I'll fix that later".

Maybe I should work more on my laptop, just to change things up a bit.

Maybe I should fix my whole life before trying to do long-term projects.

Fixing my whole life may take my whole life though.

Also there's about 100% chance this is all unrelated and I'm just depressed because I thought about her 3 days ago.

I want to keep a normal sleep schedule for now.